Don’t Call it a Comeback; Seriously, don’t

Let’s keep this writing business to ourselves a little while longer. I might as well be telling this to myself at this point. Because maybe, I can actually keep up with the writing and the “being consistent” business if I take a bit of the pressure off. Aka act as if I don’t care what people think and just put this out there. 

So then *ahem* “Hello, Blogosphere!”

While the term might be a tinge early 2000s, I will happily call out a subset of the mammoth Internet and cozy up in a corner where I have known and experienced it to be a safe place for people to express themselves. There was no judgement in Myspace-like CSS editing skills then, I don’t think we can truly judge after that period now, can we?

Have you seen what’s out there? Social media is like the land of lotus eaters, man. It’s crazy-beautiful-hypnotic. And I want a break from that. 

I’ve kept journals of sorts, hidden in boxes, bound in leather. But going online and freely writing is different. It’s acknowledging the power, that’s accessible to everyone, that they can foster a community when you allow yourself to be vulnerable. To me it was a message sent across a distant universe that someone else feels that same as I do. So here I am, paying it forward.

So what are we going to talk about?

For now? Honestly? Dressing up and mental health. YEP. That’s where I’m going to dip my toes in and eventually (hopefully) wade freely in – fashion and the intricacies of my the human brain.

I mean, just with the word play – there’s already so much fun that could happen. 

  • Dressing up my mental health
  • The Fashion of Mental Health
  • Pairing my anxiety with high heels (a stretch?)

For now. 

For now, it’s going to be me parading in the clothes that I truly love has brought me joy and my current adventures in my brain might tag along the indoor runway ie. my living room.

I thought that if I had an outlet that’s actually a double layer of creative expression, I can build up to working through that creamy center of complex human issues and basically process what’s in the old noggin.  

Here we go.

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